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Warwick-Clark/UCLA Research Collaboration

In September 2008, Warwick signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Williams Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA, designed to facilitate a research relationship between Warwick Arts Faculty staff working in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century studies, and our counterparts affiliated with the Clark Library and the UCLA Center for Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Studies. Eventually, we hope that this collaboration will grow to encompass staff and postgraduate student research exchanges; in the first instance, the venture kicked off with a symposium at the Palazzo Papafava featuring five Warwick staff from across the Faculty (Ingrid de Smet, Sean Allan, John Gilmore, Rosie Dias, and Karen O’Brien), and seven UCLA staff (Susan McClary, Massimo Ciavolella, Saree Makdisi, Anne Mellor, Felicity Nussbaum, Robert Maniquis, and Jonathan Post). The symposium was jointly organized by Jackie Labbe and Peter Reill (Director of the Clark Library).

  • The Lure of Italy: The First UCLA-Clark/Warwick Symposium - Programme

William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA

UCLA Center for Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Studies