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A Cultural History of Celebrity

Celebrity: Historical Perspectives

An HRC Interdisciplinary Seminar investigating the cultural value of celebrity, past and present.


Autumn Term


10th October What is the cultural value of celebrity? [Panel discussion]


24th October Steven Connor (Birkbeck), 'Defiling Celebrity'


14th November Geoff Wall (York), 'Flaubert: The Invisible Man'


28th November Su Holmes (Kent), ''Torture, Treacle, Tears and Trickery':Celebrities, 'Ordinary' People, and This is Your Life (1955-65)'


Spring Term


23rd January James Thomas (Cardiff), 'Celebrity and Monarchy in the Diana age'


30th January Ludmilla Jordonova (Kings, London), 'Portraiture and Celebrity'


20th February Uta Kornmeier (Oxford), TBA


27th February Deborah Jermyn (Roehampton), 'Bringing Out the Star in You: SJP, Carrie Bradshaw and the evolution of television stardom'