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Where Does History Happen?

Where Does History Happen?

On the dispersal of contemporary histories of the moving image

Day symposium: Thursday 20th May, 2010

Millburn House, Room 028, 10.15 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Department of Film and Television Studies/Humanities Research Centre (HRC)/ Department of German Studies

This event brings together historians of the audio-visual in and from different contexts, and maps some of the changing locations of the history of the moving image in the twenty-first century. Speakers will consider issues including:

- the relationship between new ‘digital debates’ and older theorisations of the moving image

- the new audio-visual scholar: wiki user, connoisseur, archivist, cultural historian, social network user?

- the status of the local, the national and the everyday within histories and geographies of the moving image

- questions of cultural heritage: how and where are diverse cultural histories represented and negotiated in contemporary screen history?

- teaching and research practice: where is the archive now?

Contributors: Hans-Michael Bock (Cinegraph Research Institute, Hamburg), Erica Carter (Warwick), Ben Highmore (Sussex), Adrian Martin (Monash, Melbourne), Therese Davis (Monash), Sarah Street (Bristol), Helen Wheatley (Warwick).


10.45 Introduction: Charlotte Brunsdon, Erica Carter (Warwick)

11.00 Panel 1: Film history and ‘digital debates’

 Erica Carter (Warwick): Film study before film studies: the Weimar case

Hans-Michael Bock (Cinegraph, Hamburg): Film history beyond film studies: the case of Cinegraph

Adrian Martin (Monash): The Post-Photographic ... in 1951


1.30 Panel 2: Negotiating innovation

Sarah Street (Bristol): Digital Britain and the Spectre/Spectacle of New Technologies

Ben Highmore (Sussex): Technology and everyday life: Electric Dreams


2.45 Panel 3: Audio-visual histories and cultural heritage

Therese Davis (Monash): Australian indigenous communities and digital media

Helen Wheatley (Warwick): A History of Television for Women in Britain 1947 -89

3.45 Closing discussion