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Visual Cultures of the Americas

November 21, 2006:

Nicola Miller, University College, London

‘Images of the United States in 19th-Century Argentina and Europe’

December 5, 2006:

Diane Negra, University of East Anglia

‘Postfeminism, Family Values and the American Hometown Fantasy’


January 23, 2007:

Alan Trachtenberg, Yale University and the Rothermere Institute, Oxford

‘Noir Decade: Cultural Perspectives on the 1940s’

February 27, 2007:

Mick Gidley, Leeds University

‘Imagining American Indians—and How Contemporary Native Photographers Are Revising the Tradition’

March 6, 2007:

Becky Griffin, University of East Anglia

‘ “Taking a Whipping for Lily”: Enslaved Masculinities and the Shaping of Gendered Identities in the Antebellum South’

March 13, 2007:

Michael Hatt, Yale University

‘Cowboy Republicanism, Masculinity, the Wild West and Political Culture in Gilded Age America’

April 24, 2007: Andrea Noble, University of Durham

‘Icons and Iconicity in Mexican Visual Culture’