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Postgraduate Scholars Program 2012/13

The Postgraduate Scholars Program was an interdisciplinary collaboration between five Humanities students to produce a joint project and to garner feedback and support. In its final year, the scholars for 2012/2013 program were:

Nicholas Collins (English), Alice Eden (History of Art), Grace Huxford (History), Alexandra Marchel (Theatre Studies), Rebecca Taylor (Classics).

If you are interested in hearing more about our work, please contact us directly.

Exploring Interdisciplinarity

As the Scholars Program brought together five students from different Humanities departments, our main task in our early meetings was to decide how (and why) we could work together as a group. Like others exploring interdisciplinarity, in each other's work we found different methodologies, source material and research strategies, but also areas of overlap. We discussed various academic interpretations of ‘interdisciplinarity’ and how these approaches might inform our own project.

Our discussions concerned: • What does ‘interdisciplinarity’ mean (both theoretically and as a practical concept informing group work)? • What ‘problems’ can interdisciplinarity be used to solve? • Is interdisciplinarity built on areas commonality or overlap between researchers? • What are the practicalities of an interdisciplinary project?

As discussion progressed, the group came to the decision that our interdisciplinary project could be based on a theme common to all our research. Building our project on such a theme would therefore bring together a range of expertise and approaches to tackle a current 'problem'/concept, as well as enriching our own doctoral research.

Our collaborative project was based on this interdisciplinarity.



Tuesday 18 June 2013

This one-day interdisciplinary conference brought together researchers from a variety of disciplines to explore the definition, function and transmission of ‘myth’ from ancient times to the digital age. Organised by the Postgraduate Scholars of the Humanities Research Centre (HRC), Warwick, this conference sought to elaborate on the established scholarship of myth-making through the exploration of new theoretical approaches and case studies from ancient and modern contexts.

Please see the tab above for more information see Myth-Making: From Medusa to Madonna