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Sidelights on Shakespeare

‘Teaching Early Modern Drama’ - A One-day Symposium

Saturday 4th May 2019 - 10:00 to 17:00 - University of Warwick

Registration will open soon.

Teaching Early Modern Drama” is a one-day symposium that will invite those who teach, study, research and practise early modern drama in educational settings to discuss where we are now, and what future directions might exist for the teaching of these plays from the past. In particular, it aims to generate discussion and facilitate collaboration around the connections between the teaching of, and research into, early modern drama within universities, and how these connections might inform and be informed by teaching and practice in other educational contexts. Specifically, it intends to address topics such as:Pedagogical approaches for teaching Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama today (including interdisciplinary, performance and practice-based approaches, and the use of new technologies).The (inter)relationships between current research and teaching of Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama in higher education.Links between teaching and researching Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama, research in educational contexts (including primary and secondary schools).The current status / state of early modern drama teaching in education, in the UK and elsewhere (especially in light of today’s increasingly marketized, instrumentalized and precarious university sector)Shakespeare’s predominance within the field (problem or opportunity for early modern drama in education?)

The symposium will feature a combination of talks and practical workshops from leading academics and practitioners, opportunities for discussion and debate, and a poster presentation session. During this latter session, postgraduates (including trainee teachers) will be invited to share and receive feedback on their research and practice in an informal and supportive setting, with a small prize to be awarded for the best poster presentation.

Registration details and an announcement about the speakers and workshop leaders will follow soon!

For more information contact Duncan Lees (D dot Lees dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk) or Stephanie Tillotson (s dot a dot tillotson at warwick dot ac dot uk)