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Portuguese Beginners (L101) - not running 2018/19



You are a complete beginner, knowing virtually nothing of the language.

Main Objectives:

Please read our Can-do Statements (link on the right of this page) to see the competences which you will be working towards and can achieve by the end of the year.


1 x 2 hour class per week plus some independent learning.

Course Text (must be bought by student):

Português XXI, 1 Nova Edição (Student and exercise book pack), Ana Tavares, Lidel

ISBN: 978-972-7-57934-1

the below book may also be of interest to you, should you wish to purchase it:

Gramática Ativa 1, Versão Brasileira, Isabel Coimbra et al, Lidel ISBN: 978-972-757-931-0

A copy can be purchased from the University Bookshop.

Course Description

You will develop competence in a range of predictable simple everyday language tasks. The course will provide a very basic knowledge of the structure and vocabulary of the language.



  • Different forms of greetings;
  • descriptions: people, places, and things;
  • introducing yourself (nationality, occupation, age);
  • talking about daily occurrences;
  • expressing opinions, plans, preferences;
  • talking about free time and daily routine;
  • talking about plans;
  • talking about likes, dislikes and hobbies;
  • ordering things;
  • giving instructions;
  • instructions;
  • maps, cities, and directions;
  • talking about past situations;
  • traditions and celebrations;
  • talking about the future;
  • professional experience.


  • The alphabet;
  • subject pronouns;
  • definite and indefinite articles;
  • verbs: ser, estar, ir, and ter;
  • affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences;
  • present tense (regular and irregular verbs);
  • adjectives;
  • prepositions: time, movement, place;
  • interrogative words;
  • reflexive verbs and pronouns;
  • expressing future actions: ir + infinitive;
  • possessives;
  • imperative (regular and irregular verbs);
  • demonstratives;
  • comparisons;
  • preterit tense(regular and irregular verbs);
  • direct and indirect object pronouns;
  • andar a + infinitive;
  • costumar + infinitive;
  • adverbs;
  • relative pronouns;
  • imperfect.


  • listening, speaking, reading and writing.