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Warwick module bibliography

This bibliography lists reviews, articles, books etc on all the set texts and films for all the modules in the Department. All the items included are in stock here and/or are accessible online.

Since autumn 2013 I have been updating and revising this resource to reflect new modules and changes to set texts, and changes in our online provision.

New for 2014: references for IB409 Business and Society are now included! You can use "Week2" etc. as keyword



All German Databases contains all references to set texts for the whole degree, in one database. Material on these texts, films and buildings is included.

Wende: books and periodical special issues on the Wende and unification.
Includes the process of unification, retrospectives on the GDR and texts on the new unified republic, including literary works


1. For texts on a specific work enter one significant word from the English or German title. Ignore Umlauts!
NB for Fritz Lang's film M it's more efficient to use another title word - eg stadt or sucht or morder (no Umlaut!)

2. If your search retrieves lots of references, refine your search by clicking on the pin or down arrow icons; then choose keyword field and add another title word, or a subject term.
To distinguish between books and films with the same title, add the keywords "book" or "film".

3. If a text is available online, an URL is given; click on it to display the full text.

Now search the databases

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