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How to use Warwick German Studies Web

Finding your way around a large links collection like this one isn't always straightforward.
So here are a few thoughts on how I've put this site together.

WGSW contains my selection of the best scholarly websites available on all aspects of German Studies. Suggestions for new additions are always welcome.

Browsing WGSW

The subject links in the menu bar above are for browsing the site. Many of these contain further subdivisions. All the subject pages are structured in more or less the same way, though some areas (history, politics, literature) need a more elaborate arrangement.
Each page starts with some collective sites - either links collections or indexes of various kinds. I've tried to put in the best overview sites here - the ones that have the most high-quality information and are easiest to use, most comprehensive, up to date etc. These are the places to look if you don't find the site you want further down my page.
Then come my personal selections of individual sites.

Don't forget the general sites - these all have large collections on the topics I cover. In some cases I've linked to them on my subject pages. But even if there isn't a link at the subject level these sites are still worth browsing.

Searching for websites

The search engine in the top bar indexes words and phrases in the whole of Warwick's web presence. It does not index the content of any sites listed here. You can search on one or more separate words, or enter phrases in quotation marks. Truncate words using *. Remember to use Umlauts - alt+132 for ä, alt+148 for ö, alt+129 for ü, alt+225 for ß.

If you're looking for a specific site not listed, you could try a general web search engine - for example Google. This is not the way to find a selection of sites in a particular subject area - anything other than the most specific search will create thousands of hits.

Current affairs

To find current affairs information on contemporary Germany you could try:

View across the Innenhof
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German Studies homepage