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For School Students

This folder was built by Hermanus Conradie, student in the Department of German Studies.

The ‘For School Students’ zone is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a resources bank of information relating more or less specifically to the topics studied by students in their last few years at school, such as A-Levels. The resources have no specific intended use and would serve you well whether you are researching a topic for an essay or just to broaden your knowledge and this is reflected in how the links vary from highly detailed to brief overviews of topics.

You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of links on some of the pages, but good research takes time if done correctly.

A great habit to get into is to keep up with current events, especially if you have sights set on university. Here is an easy way:


This site is linked with Deutsche Welle and has very current news with frequent updates and a live, although in German, broadcast. (- A great way to listen to clear, but not simplified German, unlike in school.)

The Current News Section and the Government section can not only be useful for research but can also serve as an invaluable tool to keep up with current events and useful general knowledge about the German speaking countries.

Rittersaalgebaeude (dining room and bar)
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