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East Germany

Chronologies etc | Research groups | General GDR sites | Aufarbeitung | Protest and opposition | What remains of the GDR | The Berlin Wall

Chronologies, bibliographies and a search engine
  • Chronik der Wende Day-by-day TV and radio reports, documents, biographies, archives. From the Ostdeutscher Rundfunk, Brandenburg
  • Neue Chronik DDR published by Verlag Tribüne Berlin
  • Bibliographie zur Deutschen Einheit - huge database of books, book tips/reviews, printed bibliographies etc.
  • DDR-Suche Die Suchmaschine zum Thema DDR
  • DDR-Lexikon Wiki-type online encyclopedia

Research groups

GDR studies: general and specific aspects


Protest and opposition
17th June 1953
Other protests

What remains of GDR organizations, structures, culture, mentality

The Berlin Wall and the Innerdeutsche Grenze

Schloss Dhaun battlements
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