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The Itch - 1999

Beatrice Joanna has got an itch. In fact she has several and she doesn't quite quite know how to scratch them.
She's got a man she doesn't want, wants a man she can't have and, to top it all, loathes her servant with a passion.
She embarks on a remedy of sex, lies and murder.
the itch is about who we are, not who we want to be, and the possibility of love in the strangest and darkest of places.' Kneehigh Theatre flyer

The production - performed mainly ourdoors - came with a 12 certificate and the warning: 'expect the unexpected, as the company  explore the passion and intrigue of Jacobean Tragedy. This is bold, brave and rude theatre' - 'best savoured after dark'. Kneehigh Theatre flyer












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The Itch - 1999 © Kneehigh Theatre