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Valeria Cesaraccio


Valeria Cesaraccio is a PhD candidate at Warwick’s Centre for the Study of the Renaissance (2023-2027). She is supervised by Prof. David Lines and Prof. Paul Botley. Her PhD is fully funded by a Chancellor’s International Scholarship.

Her doctoral project (“Education in Sixteenth-Century Italy between Latin and Italian: teachers, students and methods”) investigates the interaction between Latin and Italian in Sixteenth-century school in Italy, examining some minor teachers and their didactic works on grammar, rhetoric, epistolography, and other helpful didactic tools, such as Latin-Italian dictionaries and Italian translations of classical authors.

Valeria obtained her MA degree in Philology, Literatures and History of Antiquity at University of Torino (2022) and her BA degree in Humanities at University of Sassari (2019).

Her research interests include Renaissance education and historical development of Italian language.


  • ‘Contributi sparsi. Lemmi singoli: “elfico”, “gnomico”, “nanica”, “nanico”’, Archivio per il vocabolario storico italiano, 5 (2022), 243-50. DOI: 10.30453/131
  • ‘Contributi raccolti tramite il riscontro di neologismari. Gennaro Vaccaro, Dizionario delle parole nuovissime e difficili, 1968: lettere H, J, K, N’, Archivio per il vocabolario storico italiano, 3 (2020), 188-89, 197-201, 211-215. DOI: 10.30453/087.