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Dr Giorgio Lizzul

2020-21 Jean-François Malle Fellow at I Tatti. Project: Fiscality and Historiography: Renaissance Italian History Writing and the Development of Political Economy

PhD History, King’s College London

MA The History of Political Thought and Intellectual History, UCL and Queen Mary

Bsc Government and Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science

Main Research Interests

  • Economic and Political Thought
  • Public Debt in Renaissance Italy
  • Chronicles and Humanist Historiography
  • Fifteenth-Century Latin and Vernacular Philosophy
  • Aristotelian Literature


I am specifically interested in the intersection of fiscal, political and ethical thought with the financial institutions of medieval and Renaissance Italy. My Arts and Humanities Research Council funded doctoral thesis at King’s College London was awarded in 2017. The thesis, entitled ‘The Utility of Wealth in the Era of the Public Debt 1300–1500’, explores the genesis and development of political thought surrounding the creation and growth of the Italian city-states’ funded debts in a range of discursive traditions. Following my doctorate I was a teaching fellow in Medieval European History at King’s College London. Between 2018–19 I was a postdoctoral research fellow in Italian Studies at Warwick on the ERC starting grant project ‘Aristotelianism in the Italian Vernacular’ where I was working on the theme of Aristotle and economic thought. I am currently in the process of re-working my thesis into a monograph entitled Debt and the Republic: Economic Thought and Public Debt in Italy 1300–1550.

Lizzul, Giorgio