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Advance Study Option in Renaissance/Medieval Studies

Students may, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and depending upon the availability of suitable teaching staff, undertake an Advance Study Option in an area of particular interest. Students are not advised to speak directly with prospective tutors, but to discuss options with the DGS who will liaise on your behalf.

Module aims

The Advanced Study module aims to equip students with advanced knowledge and understanding of a chosen area of study in Renaissance and/or Medieval Studies. It provides an opportunity for students to extend their coverage in a relevant discipline while developing their research and writing skills. By the end of the course students will be able to:

demonstrate awareness and appropriate understanding of one or more selected issues or trends in Renaissance and/or Medieval Studies

demonstrate the ability to deploy research skills as appropriate to the chosen area of study

present material effectively in a scholarly written format


The syllabus will be agreed between the tutor and the student and will be comparable in volume to similar MA modules available to students on the MA in Culture of the European Renaissance.

The course will typically be structured as follows:

* Week 1: introductory meeting with module tutor and initial design of individually tailored reading programme

* Week 2: tutorial [text 1]

* Week 3: tutorial [text 2]

* Week 4: tutorial [text 3]

* Week 5: tutorial [text 4]

* Week 6 [no classes]

* Week 7: tutorial, [text 5] including discussion of possible essay title

* Week 8: tutorial [text 6]

* Week 9: tutorial [text 7], including firming up of essay title

* Week 10: tutorial [text 8 / conclusions]

The bibliography will be designed by consultation between tutor and student. It may be modelled on the bibliographies of existing MA modules where relevant.


The course will be assessed by one 5000 word essay.

Staff Specialisms: link (filter for academic staff only)

ASO variants available in 2023-24

Christopher Codrington: Poetry, Patronage, and Commemoration