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Tutor-specific reading lists:

Enikő Békés: 1. (PDF Document) Valery Rees presents the relationship of Ficino with the Buda court; 2.(PDF Document) Bilingual (Latin-English) edition of Janus' epigrams, with an introduction; 3. (PDF Document) Birnbaum Humanismin Hungary

Craig Kallendorf: Jan Bloemendal and Henk J. M. Nellen, Philology: Editions and Editorial Practices in the Early Modern Period,” in Philip Ford, Jan Bloemendal, and Charles Fantazzi (eds.), Brill’s Encyclopedia of the Neo-Latin World, vol. 1: Macropedia (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2014), pp. 185-206.

Marc Laureys (PDF Document)

Johann Ramminger: 1. (PDF Document) Neolatin Character and Development; 2. (PDF Document) From paper to electronic dictionaries Evolving dictionary skills (PDF Document)

Teresa Santamaria Hernandez: (PDF Document)

Raija Sarasti-Wilenius: 1. (PDF Document) G Pigman Versions of Imitation RQ 1980; 2. (PDF Document) Imitation, Emulation, Ciceronianism, Anti-Ciceronianism - Brill Reference

Florian Schaffenrath (PDF Document)

Reading related to the visit to the Choir Books of San Marco: Rudolf Rasch, 'Latin Words to Music', (PDF Document) Brill’s Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World, ed. by Jan Bloemendal, Charles Fantazzi and Philip Ford, Brill Online, 2016. Reference. Accessed through University of Warwick. 09 June 2016. First published online: 2014

Reading related to the final afternoon's closing roundtable: Kallendorf: Recent Trends in Neo-Latin Studies RQ 2016 (PDF Document)