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Stvdio Seminar Series Speakers 2006-07

Spring 2006


Professor Brian Richardson, University of Leeds, "Authors and Scribes in Renaissance Italy". 4.00pm, Wednesday, 11 January in Room 403.

A Dialogue on Classical Learning, the Americas, and the Italian Cinquecento. Professor Geoffrey Eatough, University of Wales/University of Warwick, 'A Classical American Agenda? Pietro Martiri sets out the New World'; Andrew Laird, University of Warwick, 'Renaissance Emblems and Aztec Glyphs: Italian Humanism and Mexico 1520-70'. 5.00pm, Thursday, 2 March in Room 403. This is a joint Classics Department/STVDIO seminar.

Professor Hugo Tucker, University of Reading, "The 'dark veil' of Joachim Du Bellay's L'Olive (1549 ; 1550) ; towards a reading of France's first Petrarchist love sonnet sequence". 5.00pm, Wednesday, 8 March in Room 403.

Spring 2007


Professor Robert Black, the University of Leeds, "School education in the city of Florence during the fifteenth century". 5.00pm, Tuesday, 24 April in Room 403.

Dr Guido Giglioni, The Warburg Institute, the University of London, "Girolamo Cardano on the Imagination and its Powers". 5.00pm, Tuesday, 1 May in Room 148.