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STVDIO Seminar Series

The STVDIO series of research seminars promotes the collaborative, interdisciplinary study of the Renaissance in the UK and internationally, and aims to showcase the rich variety of work that is done on Renaissance topics, both at Warwick and beyond. Seminars are to be held in person, at the University of Warwick, on Tuesdays at 17:00 (UK time) unless otherwise specified below.

If you have any queries, please contact this year's organisers:

Floris Verhaart (

and Rich Rabone (

Autumn 2023, Term 1

Week 2 (Tuesday 10 October) at 5pm: Dr Edmund Wareham (RHUL), "Soror in Christo dilectissima: Change and Exchange in the Correspondence of Nikolaus Ellenbog and his Sister Barbara." This is an in-person event in FAB2.31

Week 5 (Tuesday 31 October) at 5pm: Dr Simon Jackson (Peterhouse, Cambridge), "George Herbert and Audiation: Listening to Silent Music." This is an in-person event in FAB2.31

Week 7 (Tuesday 14 November) at 5pm: Dr Tom Pert (Warwick) and Prof. Peter Wilson (Oxford), Book Launch of Tom Pert's The Palatine Family and the Thirty Years' War: Experiences of Exile in Early Modern Europe, 1632-1648 (Oxford: OUP, 2023). This is an in-person event in FAB2.31

Spring 2024, Term 2

Week 2 (Tuesday 16 January) at 5pm: Dr. Floris Verhaart (Warwick), ‘The Correspondence of Dominicus Baudius’. This is an in-person event in FAB2.31

Week 5 (Tuesday 6 February) at 5pm: Dr. Archie Cornish (Sheffield), ‘Antipathetical Places: Antiquarian Caves and Allegorical Wonder’. This is an in-person event in FAB2.31

Week 7 (Monday 19 February) at 5pm: Dr. Guillaume Coatalen (CY Cergy Paris Université), 'Early Modern English Hands: Types and Purposes'. This event has been cancelled

Week 9 (Tuesday 5 March) at 5pm: Prof. Alexander Samson (UCL), ‘Hispanic Worlds in English Renaissance Culture’. This is an in-person event in FAB2.31

Summer 2024, Term 3 

Week 3 (Tuesday 7 May) at 5pm: Dr Elena Giusti (Warwick), 'The Early Modern Re-Invention of Rome's "African Monstrosities"'. This is an in-person event in FAB1.10

Week 6 (Tuesday 28 May) at 5pm: Dr. Sara Miglietti (Warburg), 'Writing Bilingually, 1465-1700: Self-Translated Books in Italy and France'. FAB3.31

STVDIO Seminars are kindly sponsored by the Humanities Research Centre @HRCWarwick

and the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance @renwarwick

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