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Stvdio Seminar Series Speakers 2014-15

Autumn 2014, Term 1

15 October 2014. Professor David d’Avray (UCL), ‘Bigamia from Antiquity to the Counter Reformation’. (Joint with the Medieval Seminar).

28 October 2014. Dr Alexander Lee (St Catherine's College, Oxford and Associate fellow of Centre), ‘The artistic theory of Girolamo Savonarola'.

11 November 2014. Dr Jacomien Prins (Warwick), ‘Marsilio Ficino on music as a cure for lovesickness ’.

Spring 2015, Term 2

29 January 2015. Dr Jan Machielsen (New College, Oxford), ‘A Textual Reformation? Towards an Intellectual History of the Counter-Reformation’. (Joint with the Early Modern History Seminar).

3 February 2015. Professor Brenda Hosington (Warwick), 'Translation, Text, and Paratext: The "englishing" of some French and Italian Writings on Women and Marriage'.

24 February 2015. Dr Emma Herdman (St Andrews), on 'Birds in French Renaissance literature'.

Summer 2015, Term 3
30 April 2015. Denis Robichaud (Notre Dame), ‘Plato’s Persona: Marsilio Ficino and Renaissance Humanism’. (Joint with the Department of Italian Seminar).