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Archive STVDIO papers 2017-18

Autumn 2017, Term 1

Tuesday 10 October 2017. Prof. Liam Semler (Sydney), 'The Arrival, Form and Meaning of the Grotesque in England 1500-1700'.

Tuesday 14 November 2017. Prof. Maria Teresa Guerrini (Bologna), 'University and Academies in Early Modern Bologna'.

Tuesday 28 November 2017. Dr Valerio Sanzotta (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies), 'Marsilio Ficino’s Marginal Notes on Proclus’s Commentary on the Timaeus (Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, MS 24)'.

Tuesday 5 December 2017. Dr Rich Rabone (Warwick), 'A Novel mediocritas? The Aristotelian Middle Way and the Pursuit of Happiness in Baltasar Gracián's Criticón'.

Spring 2018, Term 2

Tuesday 9 January 2018. Dr Hester Schadee (Exeter), 'Speech and the City: the Role of Language in Leonardo Bruni’s Civic Humanism'.

Tuesday 20 February 2018. Dr Felicita Tramontana (Warwick), 'Missionaries and Mobility between the Ottoman Empire and Early Modern Italy'.

Summer 2018, Term 3

Tuesday 1 May 2018. Dr Stephen Bates (Warwick/Newman), ‘The Virgin, gender and the English Reformation’.

Tuesday 15 May 2018. Prof. Paula Findlen (Stanford), ‘With a Letter in Hand: Writing, Communication, and Representation in Renaissance Italy’. A joint STVDIO/History Seminar

Tuesday 19 June 2018. Prof. Carlo Maria Bajetta (Vallée d'Aoste and IAS/CSR Visiting Professor), 'Each Man to His Job: Elizabeth I's Italian Letters'.