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Archive STVDIO papers from 2018-19

Autumn 2018, Term 1

Tuesday 9 October 2018 Dr. Vladimir Brljak (University of Durham): 'Dead Water in English Criticism: Tradition and Innovation from Bacon to Dryden'.

Tuesday 13 November 2018 Prof. María Morrás (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona/Magdalen College, Oxford): 'The Diffusion of Aristotle's Ethics in Romance in Fifteenth-Century Spain: A Reappraisal'.

Tuesday 20 November 2018 Prof. Emilia Jamroziak (Uninversity of Leeds): 'Late Medieval Monastic Culture: Tradition, Memory, and Materiality'. A joint STVDIO/Medieval Studies seminar.

Thursday 6 December 2018 Prof. Rita Copeland (University of Pennsylvania): 'Aristotle's Rhetoric and the Medieval Preacher'. A joint STVDIO/Medieval Studies seminar.

Spring 2019, Term 2

Tuesday 5 February 2019 *Additional seminar* Prof. Cristina Dondi (Lincoln College, Oxford), 'Communicating High-End Research to the General Public: The Printing Revolution Exhibition at the Correr Museum in Venice'.

Tuesday 19 February 2019 Dr. Bobby Xinyue (University of Warwick): 'The Renaissance Fasti Poem: Form, Politics, and (Ovidian) Reception'.

Tuesday 5 March 2019 Dr. Paul Botley (University of Warwick) and Dr. Máté Vince (Trinity College, Dublin): 'A Huguenot Scholar at the Court of King James: The New Edition of Isaac Casaubon's Letters from London, 1610-1615'.

Summer 2019, Term 3

Tuesday 30 April 2019 Dr. Alice Leonard (University of Warwick): 'Thomas Browne's Errors'.

Tuesday 14 May 2019 Prof. John Monfasani (State University of New York at Albany): American Historiography on Renaissance Humanism: Discussion of a pre-circulated paper. A joint STVDIO/Italian Studies seminar.

Tuesday 11 June 2019 Dr. Chi-fang Sophia Li (National Sun Yat-sen University/University of Warwick): 'Italy under the English Quill: the Impact of the Italian Wars (1494-1559) on the Literary Geography of the English Renaissance'.