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Stvdio Seminar Series Speakers 2010-11

Autumn 2010

Alex Russell (Oxford/Warwick): Wednesday 13 October: Ecclesiology and renaissance learning: English perspectives on the general council (1409-1562)

Simon Ditchfield (York): Wednesday 3 November: What Was “Historia sacra”? Using Christian Pasts in an Age of Reformations

Sara Barker (Exeter): Tuesday 23 November: 'True Relations? Foreign News in English Translation'

Lina Bolzoni (Pisa): Tuesday 30 November : Joint STVDIO/Early Modern Seminar: ‘Poetry and Portraits in the Renaissance’

Spring 2011

Lodi Nauta (Groningen): Tuesday 18 January (jointly with the Italian Research Seminar)

Language and Thought in Giovanni Pontano (1429–1503): A Humanist Linguistic Universe

James Shaw (Sheffield): Tuesday 8 February: (jointly with the Early Modern Seminar)

Writing to the Prince: Supplications for Justice and the Ethics of Debt in Sixteenth-Century Tuscany

Women and Passion in Seventeenth-Century England: Aemilia Lanyer and Cultures of Reading in 'Salve Rex Judaeorum' (1611)