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Archive STVDIO papers from 2019-20

Autumn 2019, Term 1

Tuesday 8 October Dr. Victoria Moul (UCL): 'Anglo-Latin Literary Bilingualism in Early Modern England: The Evidence from Manuscript Holdings'.

Wednesday 16 October Book launch event: a joint launch of Ariosto, the Orlando Furioso and English Culture, ed. Jane Everson, Andrew Hiscock, and Stefano Jossa (Oxford: OUP, 2019), and 'Dreaming Again of Things Already Dreamed': 500 Years of Orlando Furioso, ed. Marco Dorigatti and Maria Pavlova (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2019). A joint event with Italian Studies. This event will take place in H4.03.

Tuesday 22 October Prof. Dr. Marc Laureys (Bonn/Oxford): 'Text and Paratext in Erasmus's Editions of the Classics'. This event will take place in LIB 2.

Tuesday 19 November Dr. John Sellars (Royal Holloway): 'Philosophical Biographies in the Renaissance'. This event will take place in H0.43.

Spring 2020, Term 2

Thursday 9 January Dr. David van der Linden (Groningen) and Prof. Penny Roberts (Warwick): 'Letterlocking in Early Modern France'. A joint seminar with the Early Modern and Eighteenth Century Centre. This event will take place at 4-6pm in H0.43.

Tuesday 14 January Prof. Jonathan Thacker (Oxford): 'Creating the World on Spanish Golden-Age Stages in the Street, Playhouse, and Court: Some Implications'. A joint event with Hispanic Studies. This event will take place in H0.43.

Tuesday 4 February Dr. Xavier Espluga (Barcelona): 'Roman Topography and Epigraphy in the Epigrammata antiquae urbis (1521)'. This event will take place in S0.21 at 4pm - please note the earlier time.

Tuesday 18 February Dr. Lucy Rayfield (Warwick): 'No Laughing Matter: Superiority Theory and Early Modern Humour'. This event will take place in H0.43.

Summer 2020, Term 3 - Both term 3 events have sadly been cancelled, due to the coronavirus lockdown

Tuesday 21 April Dr. Johanna Luggin (Innsbruck): 'Poeticizing Wisdom and Madness: Cartesian Physiology and Lucretian Rhetoric in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Didactic Poetry in Latin'.

Tuesday 5 May Dr. Marta Celati (Warwick): 'The Renaissance Prince in Fifteenth-Century Italy: Between Political Theory and Historiography'.