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Business Meeting 2015

Present: Miranda Griffin (Secretary, chairing), Jane Gilbert (Treasurer, taking minutes), Emma Campbell, Emma Cayley, Linda Gowans (Co-ordinator of Bibliographical Team), Eleanor Hodgson, Amanda Hopkins, Linda Paterson, Karen Pratt, Ad Putter, Paola Scarpini (Publicity and Social Media), Penny Simons, Helen Swift, Victoria Turner.


  1. Apologies for absence.
    Apologies had been received from Patricia Harris Stäblein Gillies, Adrian Tudor, Jane Bliss, Finn Sinclair, Anne Cobby and Rebecca Dixon. Ruth Harvey (Branch President) being unable to attend due to bronchitis, the meeting sent her its best wishes for a speedy recovery. Miranda Griffin (Secretary) chaired the meeting in her place.


  1. Announcements. None.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting (circulated). The minutes of the meeting held in Exeter on 14 April 2014 were agreed.


  1. Matters arising not dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.


  1. President’s report. In the President’s absence (see above), her written report was delivered by Miranda Griffin. The President had received no news from Lisbon on the publication of the proceedings of the 2013 International Congress. However, members present reported that they have received proofs, due to be returned end April 2015. We look forward to the publication, which will contain a good number of contributions from Branch members.


  1. Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports. Miranda Griffin confirmed that Jiscmail continues to work smoothly; a message will be sent out in early May to remind members that subscriptions for 2015-16 are due 1 June.
    Accounts had been circulated. They show that the Branch is in reasonable funds, with £5,666 in its combined bank accounts at 8 April 2015, including £800 of subscriptions received for 2014-15. Jane Gilbert is setting up online banking, and needs to regularise the signatory situation after the change of President last year. JG is to pursue with Emma Campbell the possibility of diversifying the accounts in order to lessen risk and possibly to improve interest. A discussion about possibly pursuing charitable status was inconclusive.


  1. Bibliography team. As announced at Exeter 2014, Linda Gowans stepped down from her role as co-ordinator of the bibliographical team, having completed the 2013 entry. The Branch thanked her very warmly for her outstanding contribution over the past years [a presentation was made at the conference dinner that evening]. The Branch is grateful to ongoing team members Natasha Romanova, for work on French and Anglo-Norman, and Pam Williams, for work on Italian. We also thanked past team members Sarah Bowden (for German) and Rebecca Lyons (for English). Currently, we lack people to cover: Art and Architecture, Celtic, English, German, Hispanic, Music, and Scandinavian. Offers and nominations are encouraged.

  2. Encomia

The meeting discussed the future of Encomia in the light of Linda Gowans’ comments on the difficulty of compiling the bibliography even with a team, and the further difficulty of recruiting members to the team. Various possible ways forward were discussed, and it was resolved to explore what other Branches are doing with collaborative, online bibliographies. The President and others have been in communication with the International Society, and will continue discussions at that level, not least because there are implications for the international bibliography if the Branch alters its practice. The open access requirements of the 2020 REF were raised as an issue, particularly if Encomia were to become a journal. The President was asked to take forward a proposal to the International Congress at Kentucky, 2016.
The meeting further discussed the benefits of membership other than Encomia, and how to enhance them, for instance through funding schemes. It was suggested that some of the Branch’s funds might be drawn upon.
The 2013 entry having been completed through the efforts of Linda Gowans and team (see above), it was agreed that no action should be taken on the 2014 entry at present.
The current editorial contact is the International Editor, Prof. Logan T. Whalen,, although after the double volume 34-35 (bibliography for 2012-13) he will be handing over to Mme Florence Bouchet, The manuscript for vol. 34-35 is with Garnier, although no timetable for publication is yet available. Publication will be online (with access by subscription) as well as paper.


  1. Publicity and social media. Paola Scarpini as the Branch officer reported that Twitter and Facebook are going well, and the meeting congratulated and thanked her. Linda Paterson and Paola Scarpini will liaise over moving the website to the University of Warwick. A university which allows non-members to edit the website is desirable.


  1. The transition to the new subscription rates agreed at Exeter 2014 has been largely smooth. No further changes at this time.


Branch meetings 2017 and 2018. The 2017 meeting will take place in Liverpool, hosted by Rebecca Dixon; the 2018 meeting in St Andrews, hosted by Victoria Turner. The meeting thanked them both in anticipation.
Delegates were reminded that the University of Kentucky is the venue for the next Triennial Congress in 2016.


  1. Any other business.
    The meeting thanked Emma Campbell warmly for an excellently organised, pleasant and stimulating conference.