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DAY 1 : 12th April 2021


9.55–10.00 : Welcome


10.00–11.30 : Session 1: Geographies In and Of Courtly Literature

Chair: Simon Gaunt, King's College London


The Construction of Scotland in the Roman de la Manekine: Visions of Geography and the Court

Laura Bailey, University of Cambridge

Benoît in the Veneto: The Roman de Troie of Vatican, BAV, Reg. Lat. 1505

Henry Ravenhall, Freie Universität Berlin

Epic in and out of Flanders

David Murray, Universiteit Utrecht


12.30–13.30 : Break


13.00–14.30 : Session 2: The Medieval Welsh Literary Court

Chair: Richard Dance, University of Cambridge


Constructing Powys in Twelfth-Century Court Poetry: A Question of Literary Agency

Ben Guy, University of Cambridge

‘Gorssed a oed uch law y llys’: Courts and Prehistoric Landscape in Medieval Welsh Literature

Brigid Ehrmantraut, University of Cambridge

Downhill All The Way: The Depiction of Arthur's Court in Culhwch ac Olwen

Paul Russell, University of Cambridge


14.30–17.00 : Break


17.00–18.00 : Poster Session

Chair: Matt Lampitt, University of Cambridge


Cultural Reversals in Aucassin et Nicolette and Floire et Blanchefleur

Rebecca Courtier, University of Cambridge

Trans and genderqueer temporalities in medieval French texts

Rachel Hayes, University of Warwick


DAY 2 : 13th April 2020


10.00–11.30 : Session 3: Time, Space, and Courtly Identities

Chair: Miranda Griffin, University of Cambridge


Queer Ecologies in Troubadour Song

Emily Kate Price, University of Cambridge

‘Immigrants! (We get the job done)’: Rereading Lancelot Against Whiteness

Cat Watts, University of Cambridge

To Infinity and Beyond: Layering Time in the Universe of Le Roman de Gillion de Trazegnies

Michele Buras-Stubbs, University of Liverpool


11.30–13.00 : Break


13.00–14.00 : Session 4: The Sixteenth-Century Court of Savoy

Chair: Mary Franklin-Brown, University of Cambridge


The Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis (1559) and a Marriage between Two Courts: Marguerite de France and Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy

Sarah Alyn Stacey, Trinity College Dublin

Writing Virtuous Nobility at the Court of Savoy: Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon’s ‘Ode à Madame Marguerite’

Alexandra Corey, Trinity College Dublin


14.00–15.00 : Break


15.00–17.00 : Branch Business Meeting