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Discussion Lists

H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences On-Line)

H-Albion (The H_Net Discussion for British and Irish History)

H-ArtHist (H-ArtHist is a specialized discussion and information network for art history)

H-France (H-France’s mission is to promote scholarly work and discussion on the history and culture of the Francophone world through digital form)

H-German (H-German is a daily Internet discussion forum focused on scholarly topics in German history)

H-Ideas (H-IDEAS is a network for scholarly collaboration on the history of ideas, broadly defined)

H-Italy (H-Italy offers scholars a central source for information and collaboration in the field of Italian history)

H-Rhetor (H-Rhetor is a network for scholars and teachers of the history of rhetoric, writing, and communication)

H-Women (H-Women is free and open to everyone with a mature and abiding interest in the history of women, especially scholars, teachers and librarians)

HABSBURG (HABSBURG is the community within H-Net dealing with the culture and history of the Habsburg Monarchy and its successor states in central Europe from 1500 to the present)