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Community Course 2019: 'Renaissance Reinterpretations of the Ancient World’

The theme of this team-taught course will be ‘Renaissance Reinterpretations of the Ancient World’. This course will consider how Renaissance artists, architects, scientists, philosophers, theologians, and literary writers drew on antiquity and adapted and transformed it, in keeping with their own assumptions and preoccupations. Examples of the kinds of works we will consider include: Renaissance epic, architectural projects such as Brunelleschi’s cupola in Florence, the genre of autobiography (drawing for instance on Augustine’s example), etc. We will ask, not only what works were produced, but how the concepts of imitation and emulation led to an ambiguous and complicated relationship with ancient models, which ancient traditions were considered particularly worthy of being followed, and why. We will consider all works within the broader historical context.

Classes run from 7-9pm and will take place in room number H4.50, which is on the fourth floor of the humanities building, so you will need to take the lift to the fourth floor, then follow the door numbers along, across a glass walkway, and into the area where H4.50 is located. There is a multi-storey car park opposite in one direction (No 8) and to the side of us in another direction (No 7); there is also the flat (one-level) sports centre car park (No 8a) inbetween the other two. Parking is free after 6pm so there will be no need to buy a ticket.

This is a link to the interactive campus car parking map, which clearly shows the humanities building (which is shaped like a big ‘H’) and car parks 7, 8 and 8a which surround us.

Listen again to each lecture by visiting this page (registered participants only).