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Montaigne Travel Diary reading group

The reading group will be held every Wednesday online on Teams between 4-5pm (GMT) and will start from the second week of Term 1, 11 October 2023. We will be reading the travel diary to Switzerland, Germany and Italy by Michel de Montaigne. Feel free to read it in whatever language, however the discussion and comments will be based on the English translation from Frame, The Complete Works (Everyman's library, 2003). We will read the travel diary according to the following program:

  • Across France toward Switzerland, Switzerland (pp. 1056-1082)
  • Germany, Austria, and the Alps (pp. 1082-1112)
  • Italy: The Road to Rome (pp. 1112-1141)
  • Italy: Rome (pp. 1141-1178)
  • Italy: From Rome to Loreto and La Villa (pp. 1179-1200)
  • Italy: First Stay at La Villa (pp. 1200-1224)
  • Italy: Florence-Pisa-Lucca (pp. 1224-1247)
  • Italy: Return to Rome, Italy and France: The Return Home (pp. 1247-1270)

Members of the group are expected to complete the assigned readings prior to each session. During the meeting we will discuss the corresponding chapters in a friendly environment helping each other make the most out of the text. Though it is very welcomed, no prior knowledge or expertise in the text is necessary to participate.

The reading group is open to all interested members of the university including senior and junior academic staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students, along with administrative and support staff. The group also welcomes non-university members.

Please contact the organisers if you are interested and they will send you a Teams link for the first session: Mathilde Alain (