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Digital Texts, Journals, Sourcebooks, Databases


Books Online (UPenn)

Casebooks: a digital edition of Simon Forman’s & Richard Napier’s medical records 1596–1634

Florentine Catasto of 1427

EuroDocs (Brigham Young University)

Institute of Historical Research digital resources

Internet History Sourcebooks (Fordham University)

Internet Classics Archive

Iter (University of Toronto)

Neo-Latin Texts 

The Medici Archive Project

Project Gutenberg

Renaissance Electronic Texts (University of Toronto)

Renaissance Festival Books (Link opens in a new windowlink temporarily unavailable due to BL cyber-attack)

Sixteenth-Century Renaissance English Literature

Tratte of Florentine Office Holders, 1282-1532 (Brown)

Treasures in Full from the British Library (link temporarily unavailable due to BL cyber-attack)


Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy Database (here)

Renaissance Cultural Crossroads catalogue (here)

Early Modern Italy 1550-1800: a comprehensive bibliography of titles in English and French (here) For more info contact: Gregory HanlonLink opens in a new window

Hortulus ~ The Online Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies (hereLink opens in a new window)

Brepolis database, giving access to Classical, Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin texts, as well as various Latin dictionaries (here)

British Library digitised Medieval Manuscripts list with hyperlinks (here)