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The Neo-Latin Podcast from the SNLS

Welcome to The Neo-Latin Podcast

With Sharon Van Dijk

This podcast series explores one of the most important facets of the early modern world, Neo-Latin literature. In each episode, we introduce a Neo-Latin author and their work, with the aim of demonstrating the wealth and diversity of Neo-Latin literature.

Episode 1: John Owen (Joannes Audoenus)

The first episode takes a closer look at three epigrams by the Welsh poet John Owen (c.1563 - c.1622).

First recorded in November 2019. (Music credit: Martha van Dijk.)

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Episode 2: Michael Marullus

This episode introduces listeners to the the works the Greek Renaissance scholar Michael Marullus (1458-1500).

First recorded in April 2019. Presented by Dr William M. Barton.

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Episode 3: Juan Luis Vives

In this episode, Dr William Barton (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute) and Prof. Guillermo Alvar Nuño (University of Alcalá) discuss the life and works of the Spanish humanist scholar Juan Luis Vives (1493–1540).

First recorded in August 2021.

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Episode 4: Isotta Nogarola

In this episode, Dr Jason Harris introduces the female humanist Isotta Nogarola (1418-1466) and reads part of her poem Elegia de laudibus Cyranei ruris.

First recorded in December 2021.

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