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The Neo-Latin Podcast from the SNLS

Welcome to The Neo-Latin Podcast

With Sharon Van Dijk

This podcast series explores one of the most important facets of early modern literature, Neo-Latin poetry. In each episode, we introduce a Neo-Latin poet and their work, with the aim of demonstrating the wealth and diversity of Neo-Latin poetry.

Episode 1: John Owen (Joannes Audoenus)

The first episode takes a closer look at three epigrams by the Welsh poet John Owen (c.1563 - c.1622).

First recorded in November 2019. (Music credit: Martha van Dijk.)

Click here to listen.

Episode 2: Michael Marullus

This episode introduces listeners to the the works the Greek Renaissance scholar Michael Marullus (1458-1500).

First recorded in April 2019. Presented by Dr William M. Barton.

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