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Public Activities

Membership of SNLS is open to anyone with an interest in the Latin literature of the early modern period. (Join the SNLS)

In addition, SNLS organizes various events throughout the year open to anyone, including non-members. These events consist of workshops for postgraduate students and early-career academics each spring and the
SNLS Annual Lecture each autumn, as well as further public lectures, book presentations and additional workshops and conferences at irregular intervals (all advertised on the SNLS website a few months in advance).

Moreover, SNLS is happy to help with queries on early modern Latin by answering questions or facilitating help with translations. For those, please email the President or the Secretary, and they will put you in touch with someone able to help.

Members of SNLS are also happy to give talks for groups of students from schools and universities and similar groups. Interested people should get in touch with the President or Secretary, and SNLS will arrange that.