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Programme for 16-19 May 2016

Structure of the programme

The programme consists of a series of strands held over four days at the Warburg Institute in London and most activities will take place from 10.30 to ca. 5 pm. The programme is led by staff from the Warburg Institute and the University of Warwick (Centre for the Study of the Renaissance) and will comprise information on: Working with documents; working with images; working with databases; digital renaissance; interdisciplinarity; professional skills and career development.

In addition, there is a visit to the National Gallery and opportunity for doctoral researchers to present their own projects. The programme is available to doctoral students from universities across the UK and overseas. Programme for the 2016 Course (subject to minor changes):

Monday, 16 May

10.00 Registration.

10.15 Raphaële Mouren. WORKING WITH DOCUMENTS I: Welcome and introductions

10.30 Paul Taylor. METHOD IN ICONOGRAPHY I: Religious Subjects

11.30 Coffee.

12.00 Paul Taylor. METHOD IN ICONOGRAPHY II: Secular Subjects

1.00 Lunch break.

2.00 Charles Burnett. WORKING WITH DOCUMENTS II: Using Manuscripts in Renaissance and Early Modern Research.

3.00 Raphaële Mouren, Richard Gartner. DIGITAL RENAISSANCE I: Digitising the Warburg’s Collections

4.00 Tea break

4.30 Richard Gartner/ Jonathan Rolls: brief introduction to the collections of the Warburg Library / registration for membership of the Warburg Institute Library.

Tuesday, 17 May

10.30 Rembrandt Duits. INTERDISCIPLINARITY I: working with renaissance astronomy/astrology

11.30 Coffee.

12.00 Rembrandt Duits. WORKING WITH IMAGES I: Tour of the Warburg Photographic Collection/ Census of Antique Art, and discussion of Astrological Imagery.

1.00 Lunch break.

2.00 Margaret Shewring. DIGITAL RENAISSANCE II: Festival texts and databases

3.15 Paul Taylor. WORKING WITH IMAGES II: Visit to the National Gallery. Meet at the Warburg Institute.

Wednesday, 18 May

10.30. Jonathan Davies. WORKING WITH DOCUMENTS I: Archival Research for Renaissance and Early Modern Specialists.

11.30 Coffee.

12.00 Raphaële Mouren. WORKING WITH DOCUMENTS II: Using Early Printed Books

1.00 Lunch break.

2.00 PROFESSIONAL SKILLS AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT I: DOCTORAL FORUM, ‘My PhD in 3 minutes.’ Presentations by the participants on their own research projects, raising methodological questions or other points of consultation (led by Ingrid De Smet and Raphaële Mouren)

Thursday, 19 May

10.30: Caroline Petit. INTERDISCIPLINARITY II: introduction to medical humanities

11.00 Coffee break

11.30: Bryan Brazeau. DIGITAL RENAISSANCE III: Social media, digital networking and communication

1.00 Lunch break

2.00 Catriona Firth. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT II: Engaging with non-academic audiences


4.00 Tea break


5.30 Drinks reception (Classroom No 2)

Your tutors will include:

Warburg Institute

Dr Raphaële Mouren (Co-organiser)

Prof Charles Burnett

Dr Rembrandt Duits

Dr Richard Gartner

Dr Jonathan Rolls

Dr Paul Taylor

University of Warwick

Prof Ingrid De Smet (Co-organiser)

Dr Bryan Brazeau

Dr Jonathan Davies

Dr Catriona Firth (Research and Impact Services, Warwick)

Dr Caroline Petit

Prof Mark Knights

Dr Margaret Shewring