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Warwick-Warburg Doctoral Training Programme, 2021

Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture

Monday 10 May 

14.00-15.00 Michael Bycroft and Raphaële Mouren. Welcome and introduction. One minute introductions by all students

15.00-16.30 Paul Taylor: ‘Religious iconography’

16.30 virtual coffee

17.00-18.30 Charles Burnett: ‘Working with Manuscripts’



Tuesday 11 May 

14.00-17.00 Doctoral forum. My PhD in 3 minutes. All students present their PhD and receive feedback from academics and other attendants. M. Bycroft, R. Mouren, M. O’Malley

17.00 Break

17.15-18.15 Ingrid De Smet and Sara Miglietti: ‘Getting published’



Wednesday 12 May 

14.00-15.30 Paul Taylor: ‘Secular iconography’

15.30 Virtual coffee

15.45-16.45 Katie Klaassen and Emma Roberts: ‘Engaging with non-academic audiences’

16.45 Break

17.00-18.30 Jonathan Davies: ‘Working with Archives’



Thursday 13 May 

14.00-15.30 Caroline Petit: ‘Medicine in manuscripts and printed books’

15.30 Break

15.45-16.45 Raphaële Mouren: ‘The digital Renaissance’

16.45 Break

17.00-18.00 Bryan Brazeau: ‘Building a network for your research online’



Friday 14 May 

14.00-16.00 Genevieve Verdigel: ‘Approaching Prints and Drawings as Research Tools: Perspectives from the British Museum’

16.15 Ingrid de Smet: ‘Getting funded’

17.15 Final discussion, virtual drinks

Your tutors will include:

Warburg Institute

Dr Raphaële Mouren (Co-organiser)

Prof Charles Burnett

Prof Michelle O'Malley

Dr Sara Miglietti

Dr Paul Taylor

University of Warwick

Dr Michael Bycroft (Co-organiser)

Dr Bryan Brazeau

Dr Jonathan Davies

Prof Ingrid De Smet 

Katie Klaassen & Emma Roberts (Research and Impact Services, Warwick)

Dr Caroline Petit

Dr Genevieve Verdigel (British Museum)