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First Year Core Modules

HA1A2: Introduction to Art History: Classicism and the Arts of Christianity

HA1A1: Introduction to Art History: The Natural World and the Arts of Modernity

HA1B5: History of Art and Interpretation

Study Skills for Art Historians

First Year Short Module Choices

HA1A3: Architecture

HA1A4: Landscape

HA1A6: Prints

HA1A7: Sacred Art

HA1B4: Painting Techniques

HA1B6: Fakes and Forgeries

Second Year Short Module Choices

HA2A5: Art and Culture since the 1960s

HA2A9: The Italian City States in the Age of Dante and Petrarch

HA2B1: The Spaces in Seventeenth-century Dutch Paintings

HA2B9: The Aesthetic Movement in England 1860-1900

HA2C5: A Fine Tomorrow: British Art and Culture in the 1950s

Second Year Core and Long View Module Choices

HA2E7: Exhibiting the Contemporary (taught in Venice)

HA2F2: Venice: Rise and Myth (taught in Venice)

HA2E8: Independent Study

HA2C4: Practical Art

HA2D4: Art of the Baroque

HA2E5: Art and Disruption from 1900 to Today

HA2F1: The Renaissance: North and South

HA2E0: Architectural Utopias

HA2F8: Latin American Art and Racial Politics

HA2F9: Mannerism: Art and Artistry in Sixteenth-century Europe

Final Year Core Module and Special Subject Choices

HA3D3: Practices of Art History

HA3A1: Dissertation

HA3A8: The Thirties: Art and Society in Inter-war Britain

HA3B2: Deconstructing Medieval and Early Modern Buildings

HA3C2: Colour and its Meaning

HA3C4: East meets West: The Visual Arts in Colonial and Post Colonial India

HA3C9: Visual Art and Poetry

HA3D5: Leonardo: Art and Science

HA3D6: Reality after Film

HA3D7: Latin American Modernism: Twentieth-century Objects, Twenty-first-century Exhibitions