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Study abroad for a term in Venice

Immerse yourself in the art of the world

By spending a full term in Venice studying the city’s art, history and culture, you’ll be immersed in this carnival of the senses. At the Biennale, you can experience painting and sculpture fresh from the artist’s studio, and architecture just off the drawing board.

What will you do there?

Taught by Warwick academics who are leading scholars in the field, you will have the chance to learn about the art and architecture produced in Venice and her territories from the middle ages until the present day. In addition to classroom-based lectures, you will also take part in the following:

  • The examination of buildings and works of art in their original settings
  • Student-led seminars in churches, museums, galleries and the Biennale
  • Various trips to key centres on the mainland, which may include Padua, Vicenza and Verona (particularly to experience Palladian villas). We've even made it as far as Milan and Rovereto on occasion!


Exhibiting the Contemporary

We consider the importance of exhibitions for the interpretation of contemporary art and architecture. We study current exhibitions of contemporary
art and architecture within and outside the frame of the Biennale, in conjunction with texts on contemporary exhibition-making, curating, and museum and exhibition history.

Topics have included: The Exhibition as Object; The Biennial as Ritual: Art, Architecture and City Branding; Site-Specificity and Public Art; The Expanded Field of Curating; and Destination Art.

Venice, Rise and Myth: Art and Architecture in the Veneto (1100-1600)

You’ll examine the art and architecture of Venice in the light of its unique physical, political and cultural location. You’ll explore the relationship between art and its various contexts using the physical evidence of the city and its past.

Recent topics have covered: The Political Background of Venice; The Doge’s Palace; Ravenna, Torcello and the Byzantine Heritage; San Marco and the Surrounding Area; The Gothic and the Mendicant Orders in Venice; Domestic Architecture; The Scuole and their Decoration; Ducal tombs; Secular Painting; Venice and Antiquity; and Art and the Terraferma.

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"I like the way that the department organises so many trips to see works of art and buildings, and that we’re in Venice for a whole term so we really get to know the city and feel really connected with the arts found there."

Tatty, History of Art Graduate