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Leverhulme Visiting Professor

Professor Karen Lang

The Department of History of Art at Warwick is pleased to announce that we are currently hosts to a Leverhulme Visiting Professor: Karen Lang from the University of Southern California.

Professor Lang is editor-in-chief of the leading journal The Art Bulletin, and is the author of Chaos and Cosmos: on the Image in Aesthetics and Art History (Cornell 2006) – a study of the impact that early German aesthetics had on the attempts of Erwin Panofsky, Ernst Cassirer, Alois Riegl, Aby Warburg, and Walter Benjamin to bring order to art historical enquiry.
We warmly invite all interested colleagues to attend Professor Lang’s Leverhulme Lectures, which will be delivered between February 22 and March 17 this year. In these, Professor Lang will aim to develop a fuller account of how philosophical ideas and values have affected artistic practice continuously from the eighteenth century. To this end, she will employ philosophical techniques to pursue questions about art that can address their historical specificity and their aesthetic indeterminacy at the same time.
There will also be other events (solely for Warwick staff and students) taking place in History of Art and across the faculty.