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Research Seminars and Events 2020-21

Wednesday 22 July, 4pm, on Teams
Screening and Conversation with Oraib Toukan, hosted by Naomi Vogt
When Things Occur (2016)
Supported by the Centre for Digital Inquiry


Week 3
Wednesday 21 October, on Teams, 5pm
PhD-led Reading Group
The Production and Practice of Art in China: Craig Clunas, "Practices of Vision" & Lothar Ledderose, "Freedom of the Brush?"

Week 4
Wednesday 28 October, on Teams, 5pm
Claire Bishop (The Graduate Center CUNY)

Week 5
Wednesday 4 November, on Teams, 5pm
Lucinda Towler (History of Art, PhD student)
Tom Wesselmann's Pop Art Nudes - A Deweyan Experience?

Week 7
Wednesday 18 November, on Teams, 5pm
Sophie Cras (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne) & Diana Greenwald (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum)
Intersections of Art History and Economics: Two Approaches

Week 8
Wednesday 25 November, on Teams, 5pm
Reading Group, convened by Danielle Stewart:
Decolonizing American Art: Ananda Cohen-Aponte, "Decolonizing the Global Renaissance: A View from the Andes" & Fernando Luiz Lara, "American Mirror: the Occupation of the ‘New World’ and the Rise of Architecture as We Know It"

Week 9
Wednesday 2 December, on Teams, 5pm
Tashima Thomas (Pratt Institute)

Week 10
Wednesday 9 December, on Teams, 5pm
Tamara Golan (The University of Chicago)
Unnatural Evidence: Juridical and Artistic Inquiry in Late Medieval Switzerland


Week 8
Wednesday 3 March, details tbc
Wenny Teo (The Courtauld Institute of Art)

Week 9
Wednesday 10 March, details tbc
Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra (Birkbeck)
Ana Kamien’s Mutable Bodies: Abstraction and Modern Dance in 1960s Argentina

Dates TBC:

Tim White (Theatre and Performance Studies)

Carolina Bandinelli (Cultural and Media Policy Studies)

Lorenzo Pericolo (History of Art, work-in-progress seminar)

PhD-led Reading Group


Week 9
Wednesday 23 June (details tbc)
Cadence Kinsey (University College London)

Dates TBC:

Paul Smith (History of Art, work-in-progress seminar)
Rock around the clock: Cezanne, time, and landscape

Amanda Hilliam & Jonathan Watkins (Ikon Gallery)
Carlo Crivelli at the Ikon Gallery: Curators' Talk

Interdisciplinary symposium in London chaired by Naomi Vogt (funded by the IAS)
Too Far: Extreme Aesthetics and their Endeavours

PhD-led Reading Group
Obscenity as an Aesthetic Category