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Research Seminars and Events 2021-22

All events are on Wednesdays at 5pm, unless stated otherwise

Week 3, 20 October, Online
Eliza Rose (UNC at Chapel Hill)
Giving Back the Gift: The Problems of Patronage and an Offering from Włodzimierz Borowski

Week 4, 27 October, Room B2.02 (Chemistry building)
Charles Saumarez Smith
Writing about Art Museums

Week 5, 3 November, Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre
Ayo Akingbade
Artist Talk, Public Event

Week 7, 17 November, Online
Michael Gillespie (The City College and Graduate Center CUNY)
Black On Both Sides: New Directions in Film and Media

Week 9, 1 December, Room B2.02 (Chemistry building)
Cora Gilroy-Ware (The University of Oxford)
Not Making Sense: The Invisibly Black Figure and Visual Art

Week 10, 8 December, Online, 3.30pm!
Amanda Chadbourne (History of Art, PhD student)
Materfamilias: Developments in the Visual Representation of Women in Family Group Portraits from 16th c. Venice

All events are on Wednesdays at 5pm, unless stated otherwise

Week 5, 9 February, Mead Gallery, 6-7pm
Rana Begum in Conversation with Haroon Mirza
Organised by the Mead Gallery, book hereLink opens in a new window

Week 8, 2 March, Room B2.02 (Chemistry building)
Alex Buchanan (University of Liverpool)
Nick Webb (University of Liverpool)
Tracing Tierceron Vaults at Lincoln Cathedral

Week 9, 9 March, Online
PhD-led Reading Group
Post-nation? Art, Heritage, and National Identity: Hall, "Whose Heritage?"Link opens in a new window & Araeen, "A New Beginning"Link opens in a new window

Teresa Martínez Martínez (History of Art, PhD student)
Masons’ Marks and the Construction of Social History in Medieval Zamora (11th -13th c.)

Tsi Cong Han (History of Art, PhD student)
Picturing the New Knowledge of Heaven and Earth: Matteo Ricci's World Maps and Cosmology in Early Modern China


Week 8, 15 June, FAB2.31
Rebecca Bridgman (Birmingham Museums Trust, PhD-hosted talk)

Week 10, 30 June, FAB1.15
Giorgio Tagliaferro (History of Art, Work-in-progress seminar)

Eric de Bruyn (Freie Universität Berlin)

Zuleika Murat (Università di Padova)