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Research Events 2014-15

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars start at 5pm and will take place in room F37.

Autumn Term

Wednesday 29 October
Tim Edensor (MMU)
Light Festivals: producing defamiliarisation, belonging, interactivity, and atmosphere
NB: Millburn House seminar: 5.15 pm in Room A0.28

Wednesday 26 November
Julian Gardner (University of Warwick)
The Cardinal's Muse: visual and textual evidence for musical interests in the papal curia c.1240 - c.1305
NB: Medieval Seminar series: 5pm in room H0.56, Humanities Building

Spring Term

Wednesday 14 January
Paul Smith (University of Warwick)
Taking the shine off it? Colour theory according to Wittgenstein

Wednesday 28 January
Angelamaria Aceto (Ashmolean Museum)
Translating Architecture into Prints: Giovanni Giacomo de’ Rossi and Workshop Practices in 17th century Rome​

Wednesday 4 February
Maarten Snickare (University of Stockholm)
The King's Tomahawk: Displaying the Other in Baroque Sweden
NB: Millburn House seminar: 5.15 pm in Room A0.28

Tuesday 24 February
Karen Lang (University of Warwick)
Philip Guston and the Allegory of Painting
NB: Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and the Arts seminar: 5.30 pm in room S0.11 (Social Studies)

Wednesday 4 March
Maria Loh (UCL)
Non-finito: Michelangelo and the Art of Failure

Summer Term

Wednesday 29 April
Kris Juncker (University of Warwick)

'A Cuban Courtship': Photomechanical Postcards and Visual Economies

Wednesday 13 May
Postgraduate Conference
10.30 - 5.30, IAS Seminar Room


Rosso Fiorentino, Deposition