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URSS Derbyshire

The 2014 project involved three undergraduate History of Art students and their tutor in a survey of churches in Derbyshire to find and record 11th- and 12th-century sculpture for the Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland, an on-line resource of photos and information available to everyone interested in the subject.

After considerable preliminary desk-work in which the team of students identified the sites where sculpture of the period had been noted in the literature, fieldwork to visit the places was planned as a series of linked visits. Key-holders were contacted and permission sought for access to visit and record the sculpture.

Over the course of eight days the group travelled around the county, covering about a thousand miles, and measured and recorded fonts, archways, corbel tables, and single pieces of sculpture either attached to buildings as part of the structure, or piled up in porches as recovered fragments.

"In each church we measured and photographed Norman sculpture- elements such as capitals, chancel arches, and fonts. Often when we arrived at a church there would be far more Norman remains than we expected! The experience was really valuable as I learnt far more about architecture, sculpture and research methods in one week on the project than I have learnt so far at university. It was great to be able to see how research is conducted on a professional level, and it has given me some valuable experience to put on my CV. Although the days were long, we had a fantastic time, met some lovely people and conducted valuable research for the Corpus. I would really recommend any students who are interested in research to take part in a URSS project during their time at university."

Cecilia Holden

Posters by Louisa Catt and Olivia Threlkeld LC posterOTh poster