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List of Presentations


Welcome: Miles Glendinning

Introduction: Louise Campbell

Spence in Scotland: Overview: Jane Thomas

Part One: Interwar (chair: Miles Glendinning)

Spence’s education and training: Brian Edwards

The Scottish Arts and Crafts context: Elizabeth Cumming

Parallel Lives: Matthew and Spence (interwar/postwar): Miles Glendinning

Part Two: Postwar (chair: Louise Campbell)

A Scot in the Midlands: Spence’s ‘No-Fines’ Churches in Coventry: David W Walker

Building on Dunbar: historic burgh interventions: Diane Watters

Hutchesontown-Gorbals ‘C’: Charles Robertson

Spence, Glover & Ferguson: views from within: compiled by Andrew Merrylees, and presented by Jim Beveridge, Fiona Merrylees, Bengt Ericsson, Robin Watson, and Alan Robertson

Overview. (Speaker: James Beveridge) Presentation notes

1946 – 1951. (Speaker: James Beveridge) Presentation notes

1952 onwards. (Paper by Andrew Merrylees, read by Fiona Merrylees) Presentation text

John Legge. (Speaker: Bengt Ericson)

Jim Beveridge. (Speaker: Robin Watson)

Andrew Merrylees. (Speaker: Alan Robertson)


The Spence Collection: Jane Thomas

Conclusion/discussion: Louise Campbell


Conference programme (Word Document)

NOTE. Recollections by former members of the Spence practice can also be found in the Voices from the Practice section.