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Dr David Walker

David WalkerDavid Walker came to the University of Warwick as a research fellow to examine the work of Basil Spence’s London offices for three years, from 2005 to 2008. He had first studied Art History at the University of St Andrews where he had written an M.A. dissertation on the Glasgow City Chambers Competitions 1880-1882, then his doctoral thesis on John Dick Peddie & Charles George Hood Kinnear; he afterwards worked for the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, preparing new Guidelines for Caseworkers, and then at the Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland in its Collections and Survey Departments. Since leaving Warwick he has been employed by the University of Aberdeen, writing the Buildings of Scotland (Pevsner) Guide for North Aberdeenshire, with work on South Aberdeenshire due to start in Summer 2012.

Publications include:

  • "Peddie & Kinnear's Hydropathics" in Architectural Heritage XIV (2003), pp. 22-44.
  • "Peddie & Kinnear's Endowed Schools: Morrison's Academy, Crieff and Morgan's Hospital, Dundee" in Architectural Heritage XV (2004), pp. 40-60.

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