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Charlene Vella

Thesis : “In the footsteps of Antonello da Messina: the De Saliba workshop: Sicily, Venice and Malta in the Early Renaissance”

Supervisor : Dr Donal Cooper

I have studied at the University of Malta, holding an M.A. with Distinction, currently reading for a PhD at the University of Warwick, which I begun in 2011, having been awarded a Warwick Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

Research Summary -
In my PhD research I am looking into an aspect of Sicilian Early Renaissance painting, namely the artists who were the followers of Antonello da Messina. These followers were his close family members who took up painting and who became very prolific after Antonello’s death. These are Pietro de Saliba, Antonio de Saliba, Jacobello d’Antonio and Salvo d’Antonio, some of whom seem to have later had their own bottega. Some of these artists have also studied and worked in Venice, and received commissions from the lagoon city, from neighbouring towns, as well as from Sicily, Calabria, and Malta. The evolution of their work from the immediate influence of Antonello da Messina, to their coming to terms with Venetian Early Renaissance art, and how this was exported back to their native town, Messina, is being anaylsed, as well as there dependency on existing drawings versus their own personal inventiveness.


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