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Next meeting

New members are always welcome! If you want to speak to any of the organisers, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 15th May 2013, 3.30pm in F25B, when we will be talking about the 19th century domestic interior, led by Eoin Martin.

The reading is set out below. As always, read what you can, and feel free to bring along anything which you think may be of interest to the group; we can get paintings etc up on the projector for everyone to look at. The list this month might appear long but everything is quite short.

An extract from W.J. Loftie, A Plea for Art in the House, With Special Reference to the Economy of Collecting Works of Art, and the Importance of Taste, in Education and Morals (London: Macmillan & Co., 1877). You can read it here.

Jason Edwards & Imogen Hart, 'Introduction: The Victorian Interior: A Collaborative, Eclectic Introduction,' in Edwards & Hart (eds.), Rethinking the Interior c.1867-1896: Aestheticism and Arts and Crafts (Ashgate, 2010). Read a scan here. This introduction can also be read on the Ashgate website. Just google the title of the book.

Two very short extracts from Henry James' The Spoils of Poynton (1896), which describe two different interiors, Waterbath and Poynton. The first three paragraphs of Chapter 1, and the first two paragraphs of Chapter 3; on project gutenberg here.

And a couple of press articles; Helen Zimmern, 'A Sculptor's Home,' Magazine of Art (January 1883), and Charles Eyre Pascoe, 'The Queen's Homes: Osborne,' The Leisure Hour (September 1888).