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The Department of History of Art has a study collection of around 250,000 photographic works, primarily in the form of 35mm colour transparency slides and black & white prints. Begun in the mid-1970s as a visual resource for the department of History of Art, the picture 'library' soon became a central service, providing comprehensive support for staff and students across campus. The coverage of the collection is extensive, spanning pre-history to the present day; embracing the popular and exclusive, celebrated and obscure, functional and artistic. Notably, the holdings have been greatly enriched over the years by the photography of lecturers and archive staff, with a total of around 60,000 original images documenting buildings and artefacts. This original photographic material is now housed in a climate-controlled environment, and may be viewed by arrangement.


The collection continues to grow with the addition of digital photography and scanning of original resources. An Omeka online database is in development.
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