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Venice FAQs

Where will I live in Venice?

There is no university accommodation in Venice, so all our students rent private flats during their time. Accommodation arrangements for undergraduates going to Venice in the autumn are typically made in the preceding June. Our Venetian Administrator can help you to arrange accommodation.

Warwick has built long-standing relationships with the owners and landlords/landladies of a range of flats in the city, with the double benefit that we know our landlords/landladies well and that they are accustomed to letting their properties to Warwick students during the autumn. We liaise with trusted estate agencies based in the city.

Where will I live on my return to Warwick?

We make arrangements with Warwick Accommodation to ensure our students are allocated a room on campus or in housing when they return for the Spring and Summer Terms, if they want campus housing.

How much does it cost to live in Venice?

We strive to make sure that the Venice term doesn’t cost more than it would on campus. Bursaries at university level are also offered in support to help cover students’ costs for the term. Flats in Venice exist at a range of rental prices and our Venetian administrator can help you find accommodation to best suit your budget. The cost of travel during day trips and study visits, entrance fees to teaching sites (museums, churches, the Biennale) as well as Italian language lessons (for total beginners) are covered by us.

Is Venice safe?

Whilst they look very different, Venice and Warwick campus are not too different safety wise. Venice is a small, walkable, and famously safe city, which very much becomes our campus for the duration of our time there.

Is Venice accessible?

Getting around Venice can be challenging for those with accessibility requirements as there are many bridges with steps on the main island and conservation orders protecting the historic buildings makes it difficult to adapt them in order to improve access.

There are good sources of information about getting around Venice for those with accessibility requirements on the web, including here. For further advice, please contact or the University's Disability Services