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Checklist of things to bring to Venice

Looking forward to studying with us in Venice? Use this useful checklist to make sure you have everything you need for the term before you leave.

Official documents

  • Valid passport. Please check that your passport is valid for at least six months before heading out (we will help anyone who may need a Schengen visa)

  • Warwick Italian ID Card and Letter of Introduction in Italian (this will be distributed at the final pre-departure briefing)

  • Other forms of official student ID (e.g. normal University Card; ISIC Card)

  • Airline ticket (or booking reference number)

  • Accommodation information (e.g. contact details for your landlord, address and directions)

Insurance and medical documents

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), for those who are in the possession of such a card. We will update you on its replacement

  • Relevant travel insurance documents

  • Any necessary prescriptions and medicines (sufficient to cover you for the term)

  • A list of any medicines to which you are allergic (should you need to visit a doctor or dentist)

  • Contact lenses (if you wear them) and the relevant cleaning solutions

  • Glasses (if you wear them) and possibly a spare pair for emergencies

  • Common medicines and medicaments (e.g. pain relief, plasters, sun lotion, mosquito repellent. You can buy these things in Venice, but they tend to be more expensive than in the UK)


  • Credit/debit card and PIN. Please check that your credit/debit card is valid and does not expire before your return to the UK. Keep a note of your card number (in a secure place), together with the 24-hour emergency phone-number to call to cancel it, if it gets lost or stolen.

  • Cash (Euros): it is always useful to have some cash with you upon arrival (small denomination notes are best) to buy your bus or boat ticket, and in case the cash machines aren’t working.

Other stuff

  • Clipboard or notepad with a rigid back (useful when taking notes on a site visit)

  • Secure (zip-up) bag or back-pack (useful for site visits)

  • Venice Course Handbook (this will be distributed at the final pre-departure briefing)

  • Map of Venice

  • Italian dictionary

  • Lightweight binoculars (to study works of art placed at height)

  • Small but powerful torch (to study works of art in dimly-lit churches)

  • Laptop (plus adaptor and memory sticks or discs for backups)

  • Adaptor plugs (necessary if you want to use UK plugs in Italian sockets)

  • Camera and charger

  • Mobile phone and charger (make sure your phone is activated to work in Italy)

  • iPod / MP3 Player

Appropriate clothes and footwear

  • At least two pairs of comfortable (and ideally also waterproof) shoes and/or trainers

  • Slippers (to wear in your accommodation and avoid disturbing your neighbours downstairs)

  • Clothing for cold weather (Venice can get very cold between January and March) e.g. thermal underwear, thick jumper, woolly hat, gloves, scarf, thick coat, thick-soled shoes
  • Clothing and shoes for wet weather and acqua alta (Venice tide peaks) e.g. umbrella, waterproof coat

Please note

It is strongly recommended that you to make a photocopy of every piece of vital documentation you have. This includes:

  • Passport
  • Travel Insurance Documentation
  • EHIC Card (or similar)

You are also advised to make a note of other important information, such as your bank details and laptop model number. Leave these at home with a responsible family member in case of emergencies.