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Application Process - A Personal Touch

University is personal. So we want to get to know you, the individual. What interests you? What drives you? What do you want your university journey to look like?
We are looking for something a little different. You will have a strong record of achievement but also great potential outside of formal learning. You may have taken a year out, worked in industry got to where you are through an alternative route, or you may be on a track for a strong set of A-Level, IB or BTEC results.
The small boutique nature of the course means you will get the personalised attention you need to develop, grow and succeed in the industries we know so well.

Entry Requirements

A Level: ABB

IB: 34 points

BTEC: National Extended Diploma: DDM

Contextual Offers

English Language Requirements

International Entry Requirements

Personal Statement

We are open to subject areas studied: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Business Studies or Sciences in any combination because we believe anyone can be creative. As long as you can show evidence of a passion for media, creativity and culture in your Personal Statement we will consider your application. You must also be able to demonstrate a convincing commitment to the course and a sense of where you see your future in the media and creative industries at home or abroad.

Interview and Sample of Work

We interview for this course (face to face, online or over email as appropriate). This is because the course is particularly competitive due to the boutique nature of its design, and we keep our intake low so that we can offer you bespoke learning and industry opportunities. Having reviewed your UCAS application, we will write (by email) asking applicants who are through to the second round to submit an example of work and to answer some questions.

An example of creative work might be something you have made in the past -- a piece of art, media, film or internet communication -- though preferably it will be very recent or made in order to demonstrate the skills and aptitudes we are looking for. We do not expect high level technical skills or practitioner experience -- we are looking for a tangible demonstration of your intelligence, creativity, passion and the willingness to experiment. Here are some ideas of the kinds of things students create in our department: short videos, curated images, blogs, animations, memes, adverts, posters, events, creative writing, a creative business idea, an illustration, logo or brand design, a game or app proposal. Your work should be ORIGINAL. If it is a mashup, appropriation of stock imagery, or a recycling of other content, then you will need to include (with credits, or a document) references to your sources (telling us where your content or material came from).

The example and answers should be submitted promptly – there will be full details in our email. Having assessed your creative sample and answers, we would then be able to invite you to interview and on that basis to make offers (via UCAS in the usual way) to successful applicants. We will invite all offer holders to visit us and meet other offer holders in Spring.


10th and 26th October 2020

Visit us to find out more.

Informal enquiries to mci-admissions at warwick dot ac dot uk