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PhDs in progress

Student Working Title of Thesis Supervisor
An, Chai Rin The Value of Maintaining the Autonomy of Content Creators in the National Broadcasting Industry : A study on content production processes in the South Korean television industry Chris Bilton
Barrett, Maria Chips with Everything? Policy and practice of working class theatre experience since the 1960s, as informed by Bourdieu’s concept of Taste David Wright and Susan Haedicke
Borchi, Alice

Culture and economic crisis: cultural value in Italy from 2008 to the present day

Eleonora Belfiore

Castle, Andrew

Happy Accidents - chance and success in the Creative Industries

Chris Bilton

Da Silva, Julia Evangelista

The politics of transformation that sustain applied arts practices in the UK and Brazil.

Eleonora Belfiore and David Wright

Demir, Dace

The Institutionalisation of the Contemporary Art World in Latvia

Jonathan Vickery

Ferdinand, Gabriella

Islands for Sale: the Caribbean Creative Industries Jonathan Vickery and David Wright
Naudin, Annette Cultural Entrepreneurship: An investigation into the nature of entrepreneurship as experienced by cultural and media workers in the UK Chris Bilton


Creative Cities and the ASEAN region Jonathan Vickery
Roh, Anna Christianity, Politics and Cultural Policy: The Case of the Korean Workers Party (KWP) Oliver Bennett
Ruan, Hanzhi Popular cultural industries and the construction of national identity: The case of China since the Cultural System Reform Oliver Bennett/ Chris Bilton
Song, Junmin The Theory and Practice of 'Creative Placemaking': postmodern urbanism and after Jonathan Vickery
Walkley, Sarah The ‘exception culturelle’: is it relevant in a digital age? Clive Gray and

Eleonora Belfiore

Yuk, Joowon Talking culture, silencing race, enriching the nation: the politics of multiculturalism in South Korea

Eleonora Belfiore

Nick Chen Cultural Economy and Contemporary China

Jonathan Vickery