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Shiyu Guo

ShiyuMPhil/PhD student

Email: S dot Guo dot 4 at warwick dot ac dot uk


I'm in the first year of my Ph.D. in Creative industries. I completed my Bachelor Degree at the University of International Business and Economy and began my Master study in Warwick in 2016. I studied the Centre's Arts, Enterprise, and Development for MA. This is also the second year that I lived in the UK.

Research interests

My project is about creativity in the workplace, one of the most debated topics in research into creativity. Recent studies in strategic management and organizational behavior show that creativity plays a significant role in influencing a firm’s competitive advantage and the ability to catch up the rapid change in technology and customers’ demands. Some researchers attempts to explain the creativity through the analysis of employees’ motivation while other researchers underline the importance of environmental factors such as organizational culture.

My research is about how organizational systems influence an individual’s creativity.The research will specially focus on the influence of the administrative system in an organization because the administrative system is often criticized by researchers who claim that protocols and rules always add unnecessary pressure on employees. I want to see how these different elements enhance or decrease employee’s creativity. I prefer to analyze it from a social psychological and business management perspective.

For methodology, I plan to do the case study and interviews to see how individual’s creativity is being influenced and I hope my study can give further suggestions to organizations in how to manage the creativity of their workforce. I work with Dr. Lee Martin.